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Classical Chinese Face Reading £65
Classical Chinese Face Reading £65

Sat, 20 Jul


PO18 0QE

Classical Chinese Face Reading £65

The face is influenced by 7 generations of behavioural patterns & life challenges. Our features develop & show constitutional strengths & weaknesses. Our health is reflected in our changing faces in many ways. Face reading can help us better understand the people we are looking at & working with.

Time & Location

20 Jul 2024, 10:00 – 16:00

PO18 0QE, Goodwood, Chichester PO18 0QE, UK

About The Event

Facial diagnosis in Classical Chinese Medicine is part of a holistic method of looking at the external appearance of a person, with regard to inner contexts such as health, vitality, emotions, constitution, personal strengths and weaknesses as well as the individual way of life.

From the point of view of Chinese medicine, the body is not regarded as "a structure of parts", but "a structure of processes". 

Everybody's own function and every condition in life changes this structure. If you move little, you become overweight, if you are exhausted, you get dark circles, laugh a lot, you get laugh lines... 

Through our sensory organs, we are in contact with the surrounding environment, breathing, seeing and eating are all part of our face. 

The inner emotions such as joy, pain, grief, etc. are expressed to a large extent via the face and leave their mark there. But also a person's vitality, the physical constitution, as well as essential behavioural characteristics leave an imprint on the face.

External influences & life experiences can shape or leave an impression on our face too in a variety of ways. In Classical Chinese Medicine, this has been studied for thousands of years and surprisingly precise insights have been recorded as to how our face changes and adapts to all these conditions.

This class teaches how to look at and relate the structure, colour, shape, size and wrinkles of all areas of the face. The class is designed for everyone,  also being useful to people who work as therapists & would like another tool to know their patients better. We'll cover lots of theoretical basics & work in pairs for the practical tasks, looking at our own & many other faces.

Face reading creates a bridge to the other person, enables communication and reveals the most useful approaches to therapy, counselling and cooperation.

During the class we will learn the initial steps of 

How to read a face - 

  • Splitting the face vertically & looking at the two differing sides.
  • Splitting the three sections of the face horizontally.
  • Specific facial features - big noses, bushy eyebrows, full lips, slittly eyes....
  • Marks, moles, skin disorders & the meaning of their location 
  • Relating all facial characteristics. 
  • Using the Yin/Yang concept of Classical Chinese Medicine, we will then look at each feature, consider its variations & how these relate to the Five Phases (Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water). 

We work in groups & discuss what we observe. Face Reading is a useful tool when working with people, it helps us see how individuals tend to function, whether they are more emotionally led, more practical or more intellectually analytical. This allows us to connect to them or inspire them in ways which they can process more easily.

The class is fun & useful to all, everyone should have an insight into this ancient art.


  • Classical Chinese Face Reading




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