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Digestion Day with Tongue Diagnosis  £60
Digestion Day with Tongue Diagnosis  £60

Sat, 24 Aug


PO18 0QE

Digestion Day with Tongue Diagnosis £60

'The Cooking Pot Concept', Classical Chinese Medicine's view of the digestive system & how to improve it's efficiency with 'what' & 'the way' we eat. Looking at seasonal foods, cooking methods & ideal foods for the individual who wants to maintain health, whilst facing life's challenges.

Time & Location

24 Aug 2024, 10:00 – 16:00

PO18 0QE, Goodwood, Chichester PO18 0QE, UK

About The Event

This class is invaluable to anyone who takes an interest in improving or maintaining their health.

Classical Chinese Medicine has its own understanding of how the digestive system works. The digestive system can regularly struggle with excessive work load, especially if we are exhausted. Sometimes foods we eat are unsuitable in relation to our individual constitution, the climate or our lifestyle. The focus is to make sure an individual receives optimum nutritional gain from each meal, with the least amount of energy expenditure in the process of digesting it. 

Many foods can unknowingly aggravate health conditions, it is about knowing what is good for you & when to eat it or avoid it.

In this class we look at – 

  • The digestive system using the ‘Cooking Pot’ concept of Chinese Medicine
  • Discuss Seasonal Eating & it’s health benefits – the Nature of Foods
  • Absorption & Metabolism, helping deficiency issues like anaemia, low blood pressure…
  • Look at food preparation methods
  • Discuss food quality, organic vs. outdoor
  • Look at common digestive problems such as IBS, Ulcerative colitis, acid reflux & how to treat them with dietary changes.
  • Seasonal recipes

Tongue diagnosis is a useful tool to monitor your own health. The coat of the tongue, the colour, discoloration in certain areas, if it's swollen, deviated,  has tooth marks, is dry, rough, yellow, white or bright red & peeled... These are some of the signs we can look out for which may indiate some health imbalances. Knowing the basics of tongue diagnosis can help you know which changes you need to make to regain health more quickly.


  • Digestion Day/Tongue Diagnosis

    How to have optimum extraction & absorption of nutrients from your food, understanding your digestive system's unique needs & watching the tongue for signs of ill health

    +£1.50 service fee



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