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Laura Uphill

Medical Herbalist & Practitioner of Classical Chinese Medicine

In this modern day, it's proving more & more difficult to see a doctor & often takes a considerable amount of time to wait for investigations & treatments. This makes it an ideal time to take matters into our own hands & concentrate on health, obtaining it, improving & maintaining it.


Ways to do this differ from individual to individual & dramatic changes in health can be made through adjusting what we eat, how we eat & our lifestyle habits. Specific exercises may also be beneficial. Chinese herbal medicine may be recommended to support you on your journey to health or to relieve acute or chronic symptoms.


My intention with the health consultations are to provide you with all the information you need, in a logical way, to achieve health. You have to be ready to make some changes or very little tends to change. I keep these 'recommended changes' as realistic & doable as possible. Life does not need to get even more complicated than it is already!

I qualified as a Medical Herbalist in 2001, living in North Germany & continuing to work & teach there until 2010. Furthering my studies in China & the USA over the years, I returned to the UK & have continued in clinic & classroom here in West Sussex ever since. I am not vegetarian but will support all ways of eating. I believe we should rear & grow our own food as much as possible & if not, to eat good quality, seasonal, locally sourced foods.

I offer Zoom consulations online although a home visit can be arranged if preffered & location is viable. Booking times are limited & if another time is needed, please email me via


If you've landed on this page, you have likely been recommended so I need not say anymore.

I look forward to meeting you soon.

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