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Home Materia Medica & Herbal Formulary - Part 1 £60
Home Materia Medica & Herbal Formulary - Part 1 £60

Sat, 17 Jun



Home Materia Medica & Herbal Formulary - Part 1 £60

If you have joined a Herb Walk, Herbal Preparations Class or have some herbal knowledge & would like to know more about diagnosis, herbal formulary & treatment, this is for you. This class will help people who want to use herbs effectively to treat various types of disease.

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Time & Location

17 Jun 2023, 10:00 – 16:00

Goodwood, Goodwood, Chichester PO18 0QE, UK

About The Event

About 20 years ago in Germany,  I developed a three year education course to enable people to use herbal medicine, giving them diagnostic tools & teaching them the art of herbal formulary. A Materia Medica is a collection of 'Healing Materials' with their origin, preparation, applications, dosages & mode of administration included. In the West, the plants are listed in alphabetical order, in Chinese Medicine they are categorised by which group of symptoms they treat as well as indicating their thermal nature & flavour.

Having this herbal knowledge helps us to write effective herbal formulae that precisely target the symptoms that an individual is exhibiting. This way herbal treatment is most effective. 

In this class you will gain a better understanding of disease & how to treat it, the progression of disease & how to adjust herbs in your formula as symptoms change on the journey back to wellness. 

Part 1 will look at the layout of a Chinese Materia Medica, diagnostic concepts of Classical Chinese Medicine, Herbal Formulation with herbs which treat coughs & colds, viral infection, sinus & throat issues.

Class 1 content :

Stucture of the Material Medica - understanding the categories 

Diagnosis & Disease - looking at the thermal nature of herbs & disease, disease development & potential side effects

Herbal Formulary - learning how to write a herbal formula using the foundations of Classical Chinese Medicine. Herbs are most effective when used in groups, supporting certain actions, treating the root cause of disease whilst also alleviating unwanted symptoms & discomfort.

Case studies - you will be given pre-written case studies & in pairs or small groups, be asked to write a herbal formula, using the sections of the Material Medica already explored to support your diagnostic understanding of the patient. 

Herbal Formulas - we then look at each groups Herbal and Formula to understand their diagnosis, structure, thought processes of formulation & potential disease progression if the Formula was applied. 

This way of teaching always helped my students become familiar, quite quickly, with a group of herbs which can treat certain types of disease. They could confidently construct effective herbal formulas, understand disease progression & what to expect when using herbal medicine. When not getting the desired results from herbal treatment, it will be clear where to tweak the formula to get the best results. 

It'll be intense 😊

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