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Laura Uphill Dip.CH, MURHP, GQA, the founder of Gwen's Garden offers a variety of talks related to Natural Health, Nutrition - Local & Seasonal Eating, Classical Chinese Medicine & related topics.

With 17 years of teaching & clinical experience as a Medical Herbalist & Nutritionist, Laura gives talks to a variety of audiences from Game Fairs to local WI groups.

If you are interested to have Laura come & talk for you, please get in touch. Below is a list of some topics which may be of interest.

  • The Health Benefits of Eating Local, Seasonal Foods

  • Local Plants as Foods & Medicines

  • What to Eat & When

  • Hedgerow Foods & Foraging

  • Natural Cosmetics

  • Chinese Face Reading

  • What your Tongue says about your Health

  • Qigong Exercises for Maintaining Health

  • Home Herbal Apothecary

Bespoke Herb Walks can also be arranged.

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