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Ramsons (Allium ursinum) – a.k.a. Buckrams, Wild Garlic, Broad-Leaved Garlic, Wood Garlic, Bear Leek

Lovely in sandwiches, as homemade pesto, in scrambled eggs, layered in lasagne with spinach, soups... Any dish really! These leaves are now in our damp woodland areas.

Visually they are quite easy to confuse with Lily of the Valley, which would be a most dangerous mistake. Unlikely though at closer examination as you just need to pick a leaf, give it a rub & a sniff & it will have a gentle garlic aroma.

You can use the leaf, bulb & later the white flowers in cooking & salads. If you go for the bulbs, remember not to 'overpluck', especially from the wild. Leaves you can pick as you need them, they will hang around until about June.

A fantastic local spring green vegetable which everyone should have a taste of.

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